Suspension Clamp

Aluminum Alloy Preformed Suspension Clamp for ADSS/Opgw insulated messenger wire system

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200pcs/ctn , 50x21x21cm , 15kgs
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Aluminum Alloy

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Aluminum Alloy Preformed Suspension Clamp for ADSS/Opgw insulated messenger wire system


inner twisted wire,Outer twisted wire,Rubber block and cast aluminum shell.


To play a supportive role, the optical fiber composite overhead ground wire (OPGW) are hung on a straight line on the tower.


  1. Suspension and OPGW cable has a larger contact area, stress distribution uniform, no stress concentration points, play better on cable protection, at the same time enhancing the stiffness of cables at hanging point location.
  2. There is a good dynamic stress capacity, can provide sufficient grip strength (14 ~ 18% RTS) in order to maintain OPGW cables in the long run under the conditions of unbalanced load for safe operation.
  3. Suspension of overhanging angle to meet the 15 ° ~ 18 °
  4. The structure coupled with flexible rubber clip block, enhanced self-damping to reduce abrasion.
  5. rounded end processing, increased corona voltage.
  6. high-quality aluminum alloy material to enhance the mechanical properties of the clamp and corrosion resistance, significantly extended service life.

Technical requirements: meet the DL / T 766-2003 optical fiber composite overhead ground wire (OPGW) with the preformed helical fittings technical requirements and test methods.

Order Notes:

  1. According to the diameter of OPGW cable parameters such as selection of suitable Suspension.
  2. the number of configurations as follows: 1 set / line tower.
  3. The lay direction of inner twisted wire is opposite with lay direction of the outer twist wire, the standard configuration: Lay direction for OPGW outer twisted wire is right, If left, it should be specified in the order contract.
  4. According the mount point on the tower, select the appropriate link fittings (such as the U-screws, U-type hanging ring, UB clevis etc.).
  5. Clamp Strength is divided into 70kN, 100kN , 120KN and so on.
Item No. Material  Life Span Clamp Strength
ZCOP Aluminum Alloy Less than 150m 70kn, 100kn,120kn