Heavy Duty Connector

The Heavy Duty Connector are extensively used in equipment that requires electrical , signal connections, such s mould, machine, construciton machine, textile machine, transportation technology, electrical energy, electrical locomotives , etc.

The main components of heavy duty connector as followings:

  • Cable gland including Nylon or brass nickle plated cable gland,  universal cable glands, or other cabel gland
  • Hoods  including low and high construction , top cable entry, side cable entry,  2 bolts , 4 bolts, or 1 locking levers, 2 locking levers
  • Inserts  male  and female including screw terminals, crimp terminal , cage clamp terminal
  • Crimp contacts sliver plated
  • Housing includings bulkhead mounted or surface mounted , low and high construction design, 2 bolts , 4 bolts, or 1 locking levers, 2 locking levers.
  • Connector Accessaries including protection cover, code and guide pins for coding, tools.
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