Insulation Piercing Connector 16-95mm2 UV Thermoplastic For Overhead ABC Cable

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Insulation Piercing Connector 16-95mm2 UV Thermoplastic For Overhead ABC Cable


These connectors have been designed to meet the rigid requirements of Global Power Distribution Companies. Ease of installation has been combined with excellent mechanical, electrical and environmental characteristics to provide a connector capable of terminating Aluminum or Copper stranded conductors.


Tin plated copper blades imbedded in molded plastic and surrounded with a sealing compound insure electrical contact in LV overhead distribution networks. A single torque-control nut draws the two halves of the connector together and shears off when the teeth have pierced the insulation and made contact with the conductor strands. The mechanical strength of the connection is in accordance with the tensile require of ANSI class 3 or NF C 33020 while the electrical performance meets or exceeds the test outlined in ANSI C 119.4 class A or NF C 33 004.

The dielectric and waterproof tests are to the rigid standards of NF C 33 020 and corrosion test per NF C 33 003 (French standards).

Two molded end caps in KZ3-4/0 version are attached to the connector assembly and provide end cable sealing for tap or splice applications. The installed end caps have been tested for dielectric strength and resist 6kV for one minute.

Features and benefits

  • Expanded wire range (bare & insulated)
  • Accepts copper conductor
  • Waterproof
  • End caps(2 for KZ3-4/0) for taps or splices
  • Tin-plated copper alloy contacts to pierce maximum 2,5 mm insulation sheath.
  • Single bolt application with ring washers for residual pressure
  • Torque control nut for precise pressure on conductor and insulation
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +55°C
  • Can be installed on energized main if tap is not under load

Insulation Piercing Connector Series

ZCEP 16-95 1.5-10 1
ZC2-95 16-95 4-50 1
ZC3-95 25-95 25-95 1


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